Towel Turban

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Free pdf pattern to make a towel turban.

You will need:

Thin towel (terry cloth) fabric 30′ x 26′ (76cm x 66cm)

Elastic (I used 4 1/2 inches of 1  1/2′ elastic)

An overlocker/ surger


  1. Cut 1 Pair using the pattern piece
  2. Put right sides together
  3. Fold your elastic in half
  4. Place your folded piece of the elastic between the two layers of the towel at the notch on the pattern. The ends of the elastic loop should be up against the edge of the towel while the loop will be sandwiched between the two layers of terry cloth. The wrong side of the terry cloth will be facing out.
  5. Pin elastic once in place at the notch.
  6. Sew along the long curved side of the pattern. Five-eighths of an inch has been added to the pattern for seam allowance.  You will stick over the ends of the elastic while sewing this seam. I used a serger to sew/ overlock this edge. You can use a sewing machine and finish the edges in another method if you wish.
  7. Important step – Try the towel on at this stage. This pattern is one size fits all, so unless you have a large head and thick hair you will need to trim a couple of centimetres off the hem. When trying it on keep in mind that 1″ will be needed for the hem.
  8. After trying the towel on your head trim off the excess at hem – along the straight side.
  9. At the hem turn under 1/2′ twice. Press.
  10. Topstitch the hem.

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  1. Myra (verified owner)

    Wow, what a great pattern Ms. Dawn!! Thank you so much…I was just about to settle for a manufactured (standard) one. Because of your kindness in sharing, I can make one out of the fabric of my choice! Love it and will use this pattern every time I need a new hair towel. I may even make them as gifts too! Thanks again!

    • duellingdesigns

      Thanks, Myra for your amazing support and encouragement. I am thrilled you liked the pattern. I LOVE the alteration you made to the pattern too. Lining the towel so make it gentler for women with curly hair is brilliant.

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